Gigger to Gigger

Over the next few weeks I will update the blog to cover many topics that I think are relevant to the hard working, gigging musician. Whether he/she is part of a band or just a solo artist.

Just a few things I hope to discuss and get feedback from are things like;

  • The common misconception that what we do isn't hard work or
  • How to put a monetary value on yourself (undercharging and overcharging) or
  • What's the best gear and equipment suitable to your needs or
  • Staying up to date with chart hits and their shelf life or
  • Dealing with people at their worst or
  • I find it hard.. Self Promotion
  • Originals versus Covers... Can a person do both??

Just the tip of the iceberg but hopefully it will get discussions started and feedback from other giggers out there!



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