About Pat Fitz

patfitz 20101A Cork native, Pat has been active on the irish music scene since he was 15. He has supported and played with a wide variety of popular artists including James Morrison, Paul Young, Sharon Shannon, Mundy and lots more.

Pat was very unlucky when he came 5th in 2008's You're A Star but has since become one of the most popular entertainers in Munster.

Pat also finds time to pursue a career in acting. His latest movie, 'The Stranger', the first ever western to be shot in Ireland, garnered rave reviews, debuted on RTE and can be now be seen right here on patfitz.ie. Click here to view

There have been many chapters in Pats career but he feels the best is yet to come.

Check back here to find out more exciting news to come…

Gigger to Gigger

Over the next few weeks I will update the blog to cover many topics that I think are relevant to the hard working, gigging musician. Whether he/she is part of a band or just a solo artist.

Just a few things I hope to discuss and get feedback from are things like;

  • The common misconception that what we do isn't hard work or
  • How to put a monetary value on yourself (undercharging and overcharging) or
  • What's the best gear and equipment suitable to your needs or
  • Staying up to date with chart hits and their shelf life or
  • Dealing with people at their worst or
  • I find it hard.. Self Promotion
  • Originals versus Covers... Can a person do both??

Just the tip of the iceberg but hopefully it will get discussions started and feedback from other giggers out there!



Whatever Gets You Home

Driving home in the wee hours of Saturday night, coming home from a gig, we started thinking about all the other people, driving home in the winter weather, trying to rejoin their family and friends for Christmas. We had a minor top 30 hit with 'Whatever Gets You Home' back in 2008 and we thought it encompassed a lot of what we were thinking that night. So after a couple of hours sleep we met up and put this together, as best we could on short notice, just as a reminder of all those people travelling over the next few days! Thanks to Shane "The Weapon" Weldon on Bass, Maurice "The Space Cowboy" Mcilraith on guitar, "Magic" Mark O' Sullivan on percussion and Jason "All In" Woodard for thinking of it and putting it all together!
Happy Christmas
Safe Home

ISPCC Childline Concert

We popped into ISPCC Childline Support. Check out the video clip below.

They're in urgent need of funding, so anything you can do to help will be appreciated. Visit www.ISPCC.ie for more details.


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